What is in store for a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to grow through is a Window of Opportunity for You.

Growing Pure Salvage Outposts Coops is a way to set up the foundations for a new Earth to evolve, a hybrid of cultures that grow deeper into trans-humanism and technology at odds with a naturalist movement bent on organic living, the preservation and development of humanities natural abilities, spirituality, and respect for the other Beings on the planet who do not speak Human but are certainly sentient, thinking, feeling participants with some rights to live peacefully on the planet with humans. Developing a balance will challenge our planet population for many decades if technology survives the coming solar flares, Earthquakes, and possibly wars. The trip ahead through the next decade will not yield a world that looks anything like the pre-covid planet for the changes in population due to the vax, new bio-engineered weapons, and natural events will soon wipe out the majority of the population on the planet. Those who survive will have the chance to create Edens, Camelots, island paradises on local levels that will last for centuries in a new world of locality, tinier communities that agree to get alone peacefully instead of warring internationally. This I do believe will soon come about naturally, without a choice, as if a God would say, then all listen, change, and finally grow in peace or simply disappear from the scene instantly. No Mercy in that plan but it does clean up the place in a moment, again. Some will thing those who left went to Heaven while others who remain will know that this indeed is Heaven, the chance to create a paradise on Earth instead of a Hell is as heavenly a mission as any Being could want for purpose in life. Perhaps that time is near for it is clear, a cleansing of the global Petri dish is near.

This is the beginning of a store for Pure Salvage Living once more to exist. It was taken down by some kids long ago with a site that offered all you would need to know to grow a tiny house, village, or more… a future that you could perhaps control for your children and your families that you adore. What is in store to consider for the next few years is not for the feint hearted, weak, or victims in their own minds. Time to prepare the body, heart, and brain for changes that will be challenging for many just to perceive and comprehend, let alone thrive in the midst of the chaos that follows mass confusion, fear, and stupidity en masse. How will the world cope with the stresses soon to come due to the cycles of many things reaching a simultaneous climax that will crush many as it frees many more? The final battles are indeed inside the heads of mankind as their societies depend upon a trust factor that will dissolve for many who have already lost their moral compasses.

What is the solution if the system jambs up badly and the global corporations can not ship and unload all things? What could happen if the grid goes down and no one can get into town to buy the stuff in empty stores, without the gas, how do they roll? Are these things out of your control? I bet they are, prepare for more. What if you phone did not work well and all your friends were lost in a hell of not knowing numbers, names, or ways to look them up like in the old days? No phone books now, and addresses? Who knows their own, much less others, even kids? What has happened to the human mind that was hijacked to make us so blind?

Trans-humanism has unfolded and consumed the average brain with addictions it can not resist that made it weaker in the end. Dependency for all the needs to remember facts or find their way to anywhere they want to go, GPS is supposed to know for if it can not get you there, few can read a map and do not care. So watch the people follow blindly, smart phones lead them in to mindless actions they don’t understand come from the eyes and ears there in your hand. A camera and a microphone that listens, watches, keeps records now to track you habits, buying, food, and let someone know… is that good?

Wecome to the first of many steps to break away from any sort of future that may hold a way to take the human out and leave a shell addicted to a phone that won’t let go of you. Your money, ID, and vaccine card will all be in a phone to hold so with it you can see the world, get your food, and be a part of what will be the future starting this year it appears. What will you do when its free for you to take the CDC that do get you the things you want to eat, a place to rest, a job to keep? Will you have a choice to be the person you might want to see if all you have is easily locked up if you behave badly? What is bad and what is good depends upon dear Santa’s mood or even worse those elves of his who sneak about and watch to see from inside phones, computer screens, the trolls and elves run rampantly. Will the fairies on the net interfere with what is sent by those who disagree a bit with what is going on? No telling what you still may find if you go on the DarkNet blind to all the evil, all the drugs, sex traffic, or worse I’ve heard and once invited to your home the consequences are unknown. Please do not think that you only see a freaking fantasy when viewing demons who will be looking for more weak who seek. Yes if one does not know what hides beyond the veil of screens that try to work their way from phantom-hood into your reality, not Good!