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Tiny Texas Skin Remover Tool


The Skin Remover is a unique Salvage Mining tool designed by Tiny Texas Houses to safely and efficiently remove materials like hardwood flooring and shiplap siding.

Our in-house welder builds these tools by hand with salvaged metals, solid steel and rebar.  Tough enough to last a lifetime!

Please note:
Please allow a two week lead time for us to create and ship the Skin Remover Tool! Shipping and Handling in the Continental U.S. is $30.

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The Tiny Texas Skin Remover is a custom made tool that we developed to better assist us in the salvage mining process. This tool allows you to efficiently remove materials without damaging them from a structure. We’ve designed it for a multitude of material removal applications such as:

  • Interior and exterior wall sidings
  • Wooden floors
  • 2×4 framing
  • Stubborn old nails
  • Roof Lath

The Skin Remover covers more “surface area” on the materials that you are pulling off, allowing for an easier and less destructive removal process than using traditional tools like a hammer or crowbar. We designed the Skin Remover to conveniently fit in-between 2×4’s to insure maximum leverage. The back end of the Skin Remover also serves as a “nail puller,” so you can leverage the entire weight of your body and pull out a nail instead of using just your arms.

This tool makes a world of difference during the salvage mining process!

You can save yourself money by damaging less materials and increase the yield of re-usable, salvaged materials.

Our in house welder build these tools by hand. They are designed for strength, aggressive use, and can last a lifetime!

Buy yours today!

Please note:

  • The Skin remover is not colored and there are no color options.
  • There are two size options, based on the width of the boards being with the Skin Remover. The 3.25 inch version is the more popular of the two.
  • Only local pickup or Continental US shipping is available. Because of its weight and size we cannot ship the tool long distances at this time.
  • Upon purchase, expect a two week lead time before your Skin Remover is created and shipped.

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