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Rare Blue Cobalt Roof Tiles (Salvaged from Austin, Texas)

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On sale! Rare Blue Cobalt roof tile salvaged from Austin, Texas. No longer sold in the USA. Price is (BLACK FRIDAY SALE $200.00) per 100 square feet for the field tiles. Ridges, junctions and special pieces are additional. Please contact with roof dimensions and configuration for a quote. Mackey@puresalvageliving.com

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Rare  Cobalt Blue roofing tiles that look like the ocean scape floating on your house.  These are nearly impossible to get in the USA anymore due to the restrictions on using Cobalt by EPA.  It is a heavy metal and hard, as is the deep red clay they use to make these with in Japan.  While they were imported into the USA 30 years ago, not only are they not imported anymore, they are not even made in the USA.  So, if you really want a roof that will last for a century, look incredible, be unique because few if any other houses will have anything close to this.

We have 30,0000 square feet in stock along with all of the trim, such as the ridge caps, end caps, and the incredible parts that make this tile package a rare find and opportunity for those who want quality, beauty, and longevity in a roof that will stun most viewers with its intensity and style.  This was on the St. Tropez condominiums in Austin, Texas and is in perfect condition.  We are selling it by the square or if you would like to get a small batch for a garden or decorative elements in the landscaping which is another great use, besides pool houses, so please use your imagination to come up with some great ways to give new life to something so incredible and hard to find.

The thickness of the glazing is impressive, as if there was no concern about getting too much.  These do not break easily, in fact you can drop them on the grass or soft dirt without breakage but most importantly, they will take a heavy hail storm, unlike slate and concrete roofing tiles.  Clay is resilient and can take a hit without fracturing like concrete.  They over lap and have a great drain line so as to keep from having overlap leaks in heavy rains. We have it packed in palettes of about 1.7 square each in the field tile and then packed the trim separate.  Pricing will hinge on quantity and will be well below what it sold for originally though it is nearly impossible to find now.  We will be asking $350 per square (10′ x 10′) of coverage and will have the trim tiles priced separately.  Please let us know if you have questions or need help to calculate what you would need to do a project, big or small.

We can deliver if it is not too far away and we can supply all you should need up to the size of a large complex of 30,000 sf so think hard about what you can do to use it all up. We will be offering these tiles for sale until they sale out or we take the remaining stock and use it to build structures for ourselves.

Please contact with roof dimensions and configuration for a quote. Mackey@puresalvageliving.com


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