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The Pure Salvage Living Online Store is brought to you by Tiny Texas Houses.

Our vision is to provide an online resource for buyers nation wide to purchase salvaged materials and put them back into use!

Tiny Texas Houses currently has a warehouse over 20,000 square feet, full of materials that we have salvaged and saved throughout the years of building tiny houses. We are slowly yet surely integrating many of these items into our online store and hope to be fully adjusted by this years end.

We hope to make salvaged materials more accessible to everyone and continue to showcase what can be done with them through our projects and tiny houses.

Thank you for supporting our online store as we move through these beginning stages. We are doing our best to fully optimize this online shopping experience and develop it as a hub for our “Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.”

As Tiny Texas Houses continues to host Salvage Mining Seminars around the state of Texas, we plan to integrate the materials we are salvaging into our online store for pre-sale. This will allow fans to follow along as we pull apart a house and have the opportunity to purchase the materials as soon as they become available!

Thanks again for the support.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us here!