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Tiny Texas Houses “White Swan” Spring Salvage Building Bootcamp

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Registration for our first Tiny House Building Bootcamp is now Open! Early Bird Ticket Prices are on sale until February 21st, 2014. Sign up now! All the details are listed below :)

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UPDATE: Attendees must download a liability form, print, sign, and bring it with them to the White Swan Salvage Bootcamp. Download the liability form by clicking here!


We’re excited to announce the official dates for this years first Salvage Building Bootcamp, entitled

“The White Swan Spring Bootcamp”

Tiny Texas Houses will be hosting a week long salvage building bootcamp from March 3rd – March 9th, 2014.

Our bootcamp will be utilizing the materials from The Ugly Duckling Salvage Mining Bootcamp (running from February 28th- March 2nd, 2014) and building a tiny house to go into our Tiny Texas Houses Village on our property in Luling, Texas.

Upon completion on the Ugly Duckling Bootcamp we will transition into the “design and build” phase of a Tiny Texas House using the materials we have salvaged.

The plan is to build a tiny house design like that of “The Writers Cottage” and “Essay Contest” tiny houses (shown below). This house will be a 15′x12′ design with two floors…big enough to live in full time but small enough to get around building code in urban areas :)


The Writers Cottage Under Construction


The essay house


Participants in the Salvage Building Bootcamp will get the chance to work inside the Tiny Texas Houses warehouse and “Manifestation Bay.” We will be working under the guidance of Brad Kittel, owner of Tiny Texas Houses and his crew.

Our Facility in all its "tiny" glory

Our Facility in all its “tiny” glory


Whilst designing and building a tiny house is an intensive undertaking, our goal and intention is to finish this house within the week of this course.

This will allow participants to gets a hands-on experience building a tiny house from start to finish and be a part of every phase of the building process. We will move through each phase of the building process listed below in which all participants will be actively involved. Because this is such an involved and intricate process, there will be limited space for the bootcamp so our educators can give adequate time and energy to everyone involved.

We are capping attendance at 20 people with 5 spaces reserved for “Volunteer” and students through our “Scholarship Program.”

Volunteers do not have to pay for the bootcamp but are expected to help and assist the Tiny Texas Team throughout the bootcamp in whatever ways needed. Volunteer status does not guarantee participation in every facet of the event. You may be asked to assist and miss certain parts of the bootcamp. Volunteers must fill out our volunteer form here. Volunteers will be annonced via email by February 23rd, 2014.

Phase 1:


Participants will work in a team fashion with Mackey Smith, our tiny house designer, and develop the overall layout of the design. Because tiny texas houses works with salvaged materials, each tiny house is built around the salvaged parts and pieces and their corresponding measurements. We will be teaching participants how to design around materials and how to draw up basic scales and model renderings for tiny houses. We will spend the first day reviewing materials and educating participants how to identify materials.

Cowbooy Cabin PDF Example

Denailing and prepping materials

There will be a crash course for all participants learning how to properly de-nail and clean up salvaged materials. This will be an on-going process throughout the week in which we’ll have stations set up so every participant can rotate through them and learn how to clean and restore:

  • Windows and glass panes
  • Doors and Door Jambs
  • Siding and Roof Tin
  • Lumber
  • Hardware


Building and Binding base and footings

We will be teaching how to cut large dimensional lumber and tie the foundation of the house together. This will include “squaring and balancing” the base. Use of a band saw and high impact drills will be covered.

Laying Flooring

We will be laying a wooden floor, teaching how to properly align, nail, sand, and apply tongue oil to your floor and sub-flooring.


Tiny House Framing

The Framing phase will consist of measuring, cutting, and building tiny house frames the “tiny texas” way with our uniquely designed zig-zag corners. We will raise the walls, build in cross bracing, and sqaure of the corners of our tiny house.


Phase 2:

Roof and truss system

We will design the roof and roof pitch at this phase and build out the roof truss.


Exterior Siding

At this stage we will begin cutting and applying exterior siding.


After Running the electrical wiring participants will get the unique experience of working with our high quality insulation Icynene ©. We will spray in insulation and clean up the excess.


Interior Skins

We will apply interior skins inside the tiny house and begin building the walls up.


At this section we finish the roof out, adding our sub-decking and salvaged tin.


Phase 3 – “Finish Out”

At this phase we will be adding all the unique cabinetry, interior tins, and rare salvaged pieces to make this a truly unique tiny house (it is going in our tiny house village afterall!)


Particpants will get the chance to build our unique tiny texas showers with salvaged tin and bedrock.

Working on our unique bathroom pan with river rock.

Working on our unique bathroom pan with river rock.

Porches, trims, etc

The last phase is to design and build the attached covered porches. We will teaching participants how to make the porches removable and folding for easy transport.



This Building Bootcamp will be a heavily involved process and participants will be working outside in our work area. Whilst hands on-experience isn’t demanded from our participants, it is certainly encouraged and we know you will learn more by working with the materials personally. That said, participants are allowed to “watch and study” the building process.

Participants should be of reasonable health and ability. You are completely responsible for yourself and your actions. Tiny Texas Houses is not responsible for any accidents or injuries during the course of this bootcamp. We do take safety very seriously and will be doing all we can to protect and educate participants how to safely use tools and machinery. All participants will sign a liability waiver before the bootcamp begins waiving Tiny Texas Houses of any liability.

For this reason, all participants must be 18 years or older.

You are expected to be attentive and respectful of the team and fellow employees during the course of this event. We will not tolerate negligence and reserve the right to ask you to leave or stop working if there are any problems during the bootcamp.

What is required:

  • Good Physical health
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Ability to work in hot and non climate controlled environment throughout the day
  • A willingness to learn!
  • You must be 18 years of older


During the bootcamp participants will have the option of sleeping at our Tiny Texas Houses facility. It is possible that we will have some of our tiny house designs reserved for participants to stay in each night. There are plenty of private and climate controlled environments at our facility for participants to sleep and have their own space during the bootcamp. Bathrooms are available with showers every night.

Whilst Tiny Texas Houses does not yet have dorm styled accommodations we will be doing the best to provide a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

We have a large amount of property in which participants are encouraged to bring and park their RVs or Campers for accommodations. Water or electrical hookups are not yet available for RV’s and campers.

Our property in Luling, Texas. Rvs and campers welcome!

Our property in Luling, Texas. Rvs and campers welcome!

The third option is for participants to camp in tents on our property if you so choose. Feel free to set up wherever you’d like in our 40 plus acres of woods and privacy!

If you would like to make reservations at a hotel in Luling, Lockhart, or Seguin you may do so. You do not have to sleep on site at Tiny Texas Houses, though we encourage participants to do so and stay actively involved in all the groups endeavors and chats.

There will be a washer and dryer on site for use for all participants.

There will be electricity inside our facility for charging phones, internet access, etc.

There is plenty of parking space for participants vehicles during the entire bootcamp. All your belongings will be safe and protected, though Tiny Texas Houses is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Food, Drinks, and Snacks: 

We will be providing a dinner meal each evening for all participants. The meal will be macro-biotic and mostly consist of organic vegetables and healthy foods. All other meals must be managed by participants. We are a short 5 minute drive from the small city of Luling. There is a grocery store and a handful of local restaurants readily available including Chinese, Mexican, and some of the best BBQ around!

Participants are encouraged to bring ice chests of snacks and drinks for themselves during the course of the bootcamp, which you can replenish at the grocery store. We will have fridges and freezers available for participants to put perishables in if necessary.


What all participants should bring:

1. Adequate workspace clothing -

This includes: pants, long sleeve shirts, hard toed boots, gloves, and safety glasses. If you have long hard bring something to keep it tied back and out of your face like a bandana.)

2. Sleeping supplies (cot, blow up mattress, sheets, covers, pillows, etc)

3. Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste)

 4. Basic Hand Tools :

  • Screwdrivers (philips and flat head)
  • Hammer
  • Square
  • Measuring Tape
  • Carpenters Pencil
  • Tool Belt (you will want one of these! They make a ton of difference!)

5. A notepad to take notes and measurements

6. A camera to capture wonderful memories!

The "Salvage Miners" at the Westhoff Bootcamp in 2013

The “Salvage Miners” at the Westhoff Bootcamp in 2013


Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change):

Sunday March 2nd, 2014:

All Participants are encouraged to arrive at Tiny Texas Houses the evening of Sunday March 2nd. We also encourage participants of the building bootcamp to take part in the Ugly Duckling Salvage Bootcamp prior to get a back-to-back lesson in both salvaging and building with salvage. We will finish the Ugly Duckling Salvage Bootcamp the evening of March 2nd and return to the Tiny Texas Houses facility with trailer loads of materials.

Monday March 3rd, 2014

Participants may arrive Sunday Evening (no later then 11:00pm) or monday morning.  All participants are expected to be on site monday morning by 9:00am.

We will begin with a meet and greet and walkthrough of the Tiny Texas facility, introducing you to the crew and people you will work beside the full week.

We will sit down for a round table discussion around 11:00am and begin the overview of the design process and the philosophy behind building with salvage.

The day will pan out covering the design process and walking the warehouse to choose the unique materials we will be building the tiny house with (in conjunction with the new materials we salvage from the Ugly Duckling Salvage Mining Bootcamp).

Each day thereafter:

Every days schedule will pan out as follows -

8:00am rise and prepare for day

9:00am Breakfast at TTH (not provided though we will be making a run to the local breakfast taco hut to pick up tacos each morning).

10:00 am Begin Overview and Workday

12:30pm – Break for Lunch

2:00pm – Resume workday

5:00pm – End workday. Clean up facility.

7:00pm – Dinner and round table discussion of days events. Q&A session with Tiny Texas Team.

9:00pm – Break for evening. Showers, relaxation, games, and music around the campfire :)

11:00pm – Lights out and Quiet Time.

We will end the bootcamp on the following Sunday March 9th, 2014. After our work day ends at 5:00pm, we will have a final Q&A session and photo session with the group. All participants are allowed to leave after the work day ends and complete your journey home…inspired and full of a whole new skill set :)

In the event that the tiny house building bootcamp does not fully finish the tiny house design, we will allow participants to return the following weekend March 14th, 15th, and 16th to complete the job, FREE OF CHARGE. This information will be determined mid-way through the salvage building bootcamp and all participants will be allowed to return the following weekend if possible.

We do not guarantee that the bootcamp will make it through every step of the building process and phases…though we are certainly going to try and coordinate everything to reach our goal and allow participants the experience of building a tiny house from start to finish.

 What else will happen during the bootcamp!?

All participants who complete this salvage building bootcamp will be certified through Tiny Texas Houses as a “Double Story, Mini Tiny House Builder.” All participants will gain access as A Pure Salvage Living Charter Member for one full year through our Pure Salvage Living Website. Here you will be able to relay your experiences and connect with a like minded salvage community all around the world.

All participants will have access to discounts on our warehouse of salvaged materials to purchase and take home for your personal projects of building projects. Participants can browse our salvage store and warehouse at your convenience during the bootcamp.

Just some of the materials in our 20,000 sq foot warehouse

Just some of the materials in our 20,000 sq foot warehouse

Some of the hardware participants will get to learn about and learn how to repair and restore

Some of the hardware participants will get to learn about and learn how to repair and restore


We will be actively documenting the entire bootcamp through both photography and film. As our first official full Tiny House Building Course, you could become a historical figure in the Tiny Texas History. All our videos and photography will be posted online.

Each evening we will be creating a bonfire for the group to hang around and dream and talk salvage and tiny houses (bidding that we’re not all sick of it by the end of the day) : p
Bring your marsh mellows and roasting sticks.

We look forward to providing a pleasant experience for everyone involved and pouring our years of knowledge and wisdom working with salvage to our attendees.

Join us for this most unique, and extremely affordable experience :)


***Special Notes***

After purchase you will be able to download your liability waiver from this website. Please bring it with you to Tiny Texas Houses.

Positions for volunteer/scholarship status will be determined on a case to case basis. There is only 4 positions available for volunteers and scholarships for the Swan Salvage Building Bootcamp.

Volunteers do not have to pay for the bootcamp but are expected to help and assist the Tiny Texas Team throughout the bootcamp in whatever ways needed. Volunteer status does not guarantee participation in every facet of the event. You may be asked to assist and miss certain parts of the bootcamp. Volunteers must fill out our volunteer form here. Volunteers will be announced via email by February 15th, 2014.

Please call Tiny Texas Houses at 830-875-2500 for questions or concerns.




Additional Information

Salvage Mining Bootcamp

Couples Admission (two people), Single Person Admission


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