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Cowboy Cabin Construction Plans and 3D Model

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These plans are for our “Cowboy Cabin” tiny house design. Complete with a generous kitchen, a living room with built-in display shelving, and two spacious sleeping lofts. Like all of our tiny houses, The Cowboy Cabin has a comfortable full size bathroom (that’s even big enough to fit a claw-foot tub) with maximized closet storage space just outside the bathroom. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tiny Texas House without a collapsible front and back porch! The Cowboy Cabin measures 12′x28′ and it’s a perfect size for full-time living or your own personal rural retreat! Our plans provide all the details you need to replicate this beautiful Tiny House!

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Product Description

Here is one of our tutorial videos showing how to use the program!

There are three main ways to purchase the plans for the “Cowboy Cabin”:


Package 1 “The PDF Plans” – $135

This Package contains 20 pages of scale drawings including plans, elevations, interior elevations, and framing drawings. The plans also include an additional bonus. The bonus is a guided picture tour showing the house in two slightly different configurations. Each picture will be accompanied by an explanation of the form and function of the design and why it works. These plans will be downloadable from this website in PDF format.

Cowbooy Cabin PDF Example Cowboy Cabin PDF Example 02


Package 2 “The 3D Model” – $165

The 3D Model package is a fully detailed, digital replica of the original Cowboy Cabin house. Utilizing the 3D model is like being able to hold the cowboy cabin in your hand, examine it, and peel back the layers to see how the house goes together and how each piece relates to the pieces. There’s no better way to comprehend a structure and how it’s constructed! 

Best of all, it’s viewable and editable in SketchUp©™ (A free program you can download for both Mac and PC).

This 3D model has been meticulously finished out and even includes the kitchen, bathroom and built-in custom cabinetry. Additionally, all the parts and pieces are carefully organized into layers so, that with just one click, you can pull off the roof and look inside, or remove the exterior skins and see right down to the structure of the house.

Note: Using the 3D model will require you to have SketchUp©™ on your computer. You can download SketchUp©™ for FREE by going here.

Cowboy Cabin 3D Model Full Cowboy Cabin OverheadInteriorCutaway


Package 3 “The Full Monty Combo” – $199 $149

The Full Monty Combo Package combines the above two packages for a reduced price! This is what you need to really turn your tiny house dream into a reality. It’s got all you need to take our layout and adapt it to your own project. The 3D Model will allow you to fully visualize the process of construction, and the plans will give you a convenient way to share your project with others while procuring materials, working on site and talking with builders.


Package “Add Ons” (Optional): “11×17 Plans” – $35

Want high quality physical copies of the entire set of PDF plans (20 plus pages) at the full 11″x17″ size? Add this option to any of the 3 packages above and we’ll send them to you via the good ol’ post office. Be sure you enter your correct mailing address when you order. The pricing shown here is only valid for North America. For overseas orders please order one of the above packages and contact us separately at and we’ll find the best way to get them to you.

Additional Information

The Plans Package

3D Model Package, Full Monty Package, PDF Plans Package

Package Add-Ons

None, Printed 11″x17″ Plans

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I love what Tiny Texas Houses has done utilizing SketchUp’s 3D Modeling. This is a great purchase for the price and a wonderful visual aid for all tiny house enthusiasts out there! Thanks guys for the great work!

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